A Multi-movement COMPOSITION for player piano by Ori barel

Program Notes

Centrifugal Force is inspired primarily by robotic art. We live in a culture where things happen extremely fast and so much information is condensed. I wanted to create a piece that would explore that aspect of our culture using elements of traditional and free jazz as well as silent film music, culminating in a musical fusion of today’s technological world with pieces of the past. Using the player piano, I explored rhythms and tempos that would have been impossible for a performer to play accurately. To create a twist on this aesthetic, some sections of the piece accentuate the machine element and others sound like a performer is playing. This interplay between extreme fast and slow speeds fascinates me: an automated world contrasting a fake manual world. 


Under this same theme, the piece includes musical algorithms derived from a Cellular Automata program that I created with Python and the Abjad library. Chapters 1, 2, and 4 are made up of small miniatures that vary in length ranging from fifteen seconds to one minute. They are compiled in a formalistic structure. Chapter 3 deeply contrasts the other chapters; it is motivic all throughout.


Composed, recorded and produced by ori barel

Mastered by scott fraser (kronos quartet)

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